April 27th, 2020

The Ultimate Homeowners’ Guide: All About Drywall Repairs

By Nic Cornwell - Owner & Founder

There’s a reason 20 billion square feet of drywall is manufactured every year. It’s inexpensive, easy to handle, quick to install, and much more tidy than brick and mortar.

As with most things in life, though, drywall isn’t perfect. It can be damaged easily—as some of our clients with rough and tumble kids have learned the hard way. It’s also absorbent, which makes it susceptible to water damage.

If you’ve found yourself on the pointy end of the drywall experience—whether through flooding, impact damage, leaks, staining, or smoke damage—you might be trying to figure out if replacement or repair is your best solution. So in this article, we’re looking at drywall repairs and when to do it, as well as when you’ll need to call in the cavalry—that’s Quick Dry Restoration, for our Austin homeowners—to replace entire sections of drywall.

The Ultimate Homeowners’ Guide: All About Drywall Repairs

If you’ve got nail pops…

When you’re learning about drywall repairs and when to do it, nail pops are a great place to start. Every home with drywall is likely to experience this at least once.

Nail pops—where nail heads have pulled away from your wall studs—are easy to repair for yourself. With a few new drywall screws, some nails, and a little drywall compound, you can have this project done in under 30 minutes.

If you’ve got holes…

Minor holes can be patched up quickly and easily, provided they don’t affect the structural integrity of the panel. Patching kits can be purchased at a reasonable price, or you could contact a professional for a quote. Many professional property restoration companies can carry out a small job like this at a reasonable price.

If you’ve got cracks…

Generally, cracks are a sign of a wrongly placed seam in your drywall. This happens when the seam is placed above a corner of a window or door frame, creating a weak point. You can patch them over quite easily, but it’s likely that your patchwork will be noticeable, and that the issue will return in time. If this is a problem for you, a local property restoration company could remove and replace the drywall correctly, allowing the pressure to be properly balanced without vulnerable points.

If you’ve got bumps or bulges…

This type of swelling is caused by your drywall absorbing moisture. If your home has been subjected to water damage in the past, or you live in a high humidity area, you are more likely to see this kind of issue.

This type of issue is best left to the professionals. Replacing the swollen panels is the only way to remedy the situation.

To avoid this kind of issue in the future, remember to call in a professional water restoration company if you have water damage, leaking, or flooding. They can thoroughly dry your drywall, to prevent excess moisture seeping in and damaging the material.


Drywall is affordable and easy to install, and easy to patch up for the DIY enthusiast. If you don’t have the time—or the project is a little more daunting than a minor patch up—get in touch with your local property restoration team to get the job done right.

Got a drywall problem that needs fixing ASAP? Austin’s water restoration & mold experts have you covered, 7 days a week!  Thanks to our PPC agency in Austin, TX you can find us anywhere you look online!  Or click here to contact us now.


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The Ultimate Homeowners’ Guide: All About Drywall Repairs

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